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What is Sober Grad Night?

It’s a fun, supervised and sober graduation celebration for all West Park High School graduating seniors. WPHS seniors want to celebrate with friends on gradation night.  

Graduation night across the nation has proven to be one of the most dangerous times of a young person’s life, due to great part to the presence of alcohol and drugs.  This is our FIRST year of organizing a graduation event for West Park High School graduates.  

Our Sober Grad Night will take place on Vessel: Empress Horn blower; departing from the Berkeley Marina.   We will have entertainment, great food, exciting prizes (including cash), fun poker tables, DJ, dance floor and more games. 

The event takes place following the graduation ceremonies on June 2, 2023.   We will meet at West Park High School at 10pm; depart to the Berkeley Marina.    Aboard the Vessel: Empress Horn blower at midnight; remaining on the Horn blower until 3:30am; arrive back at West Park High School about 5:30am.