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About Us

Please consider becoming a Member of the West Park High School Panthers Boosters. Join one of many who want to be leaders and supporters as we build Boosters and the individual Sub Clubs supporting the various athletic and student clubs on campus. Your support in building this legacy, from the ground up, in our inaugural year, is truly appreciated by the students, faculty, staff, coaches, community and fellow Booster members.

Please take a moment to read through our Purpose below:

The purpose of West Park High School Panthers Boosters is to provide support and funding for the benefit of West Park High School (WPHS) educational and extracurricular activities. The Boosters also promotes parental and community support, awareness and pride in West Park High. We provide a structure through which Sub Clubs supporting specific student athletics, activities and programs can work together for the benefit of each and the general benefit of the full student body of WPHS. We exist because we value the people we serve – our students, faculty, coaches, staff, and community members. We support the love to learn through funding student athletics, activities, and programs.

We have a lot of work to do during this year of building. While we all are eager to get the organization and associated Sub Clubs up and running quickly, the Boosters Board and WPHS Administration are in agreement on taking a methodical approach. We are determined to move forward in building this organization correctly and doing so at a pace that ensures the future viability of Boosters and associated Sub Clubs in order to provide long term support to those benefiting from our endeavors.

Help Build Our Future, Join or Donate Today!

If you would like to be a member, provide financial support, are interested in a position, show interest in a Sub Club or are curious about Boosters, please reach out to us. We can’t do this without you and the support of our West Park High School community!

John Joosten, President
Dylan Jackson, Vice President & Secretary (interim)
Errol Johnson, Treasurer
Jeremy Schultz, Membership Director
Dave Wong, Technology Director